My name is James Fraze and I wrote this blog as an archive of notes for myself and the exams I was preparing for, product reviews for security related products such as free virus scanners, port monitoring, firewalls and more.

My intent is that you will benefit from this information and be able to refer back to it periodically. To date, these notes, some flashcards I made, and several books have allowed me to obtain the following certifications related to computer security:

  • CCNA Cisco Network Associate (entry level cisco routers)
  • CCNA Security Cisco Network Associate, Security Path
  • MSCA Microsoft Certified Administrator
  • MCP (x3) Various Specialized microsoft certifications
  • CCSA Check Point Security Administrator (VPN, Rules, Basics)
  • CCSE Check Point Security Engineer (Clustering, Debugging, Advanced)
  • CCSE+ Check Point Firewall Debugging
  • CCSME Check Point Provider-1 Environment
  • CCSPA Check Point equivalent of the Security+
  • Network+ Networking, routing, etc
  • Security+ Computer Security Triage Principles
  • A+ Basic Computer Repair
  • Server+ Like the A+, but for servers and a bit more advanced
  • Project+ Managing technical projects
  • CPCS: IPS-1 Check Point’s Intrusion Prevention/Detection Flagship
  • CPCS: Integrity Check Point Endpoint security
  • CPCS: Pointsec Check Point Disk Encryption
  • TCSE Tufin Firewall Rule Auditing Program

These are mostly computer security, networking and firewall certifications.

I am currently enrolled in college (Bachelors in Information Technology). The CISSP is a cert I would like to get, but don’t have a need (or corporate sponsor) for it yet, so that will have to wait.

My first computer was a Christmas gift from my favorite uncle when I was 10 (1985). I built computers for family and friends until I was about 20 (1995), then started repairing spyware and doing some programming and networking odd jobs. 5 years of military and some tech saavy later, I started a computer repair/programming company (2001). I was hired onto Check Point Software and worked first as a human answering machine, then as a team lead / engineer for their various products (2006). Later I did consulting in TX and started down the Cisco path (late 2007).

Currently I focus on enterprise networking security by day for a large company, and my alter ego does web marketing, programming, social networking at night. I’m very good at both, but only have the certs for the network security side.

Feel free to contact me for career networking or questions related to my skill set(s). I am available for projects as a consultant and can do most of the work related to this field remotely.