Cisco Show Log Command

This is such a simple cisco command, and I debated about actually making a post for it, but I know I’ll forget the syntax when I need it. I hope it helps you too:
To search through any file, you use the “include” command. The logs also show quite a bit of detail about what happened and this is useful for finding if an ACL has blocked your connection attempt for example.

Show Logging

cisco show logging

Searching the Show Log Command:

What happens if you only want to see something in particular, not 40 pages of text?

sh log | i whatever

Another Example

sh log | i 192.168.10

2 replies on “Cisco Show Log Command”

1) how to disable the pagging? i mean if the logs are more than 1 page the log information stops at the 1st page, then we need to press space bar to continue to the next page. how to disable this? i want the logs to scroll down in a go.
2) what if i want to check only few last lines?

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