Juniper SRX CLI Troubleshooting Config and Software

Some notes on the config and software related CLI commands for Juniper SRX.

set cli screen-length 0 Allows you to see multiple screens without manually scrolling.
> show config (program structured format)
> show config | display set (set command format)
> show config | display set | match >something<
(search through policy for ‘something’)
> show system license keys  
> show chassis hardware detail > show chas environment
> show chas routing-engine
> request system license delete |save  
load factory-default
set system root-authentication plain-text-passsword
commit and-quit
request system reboot
See KB15725.
> start shell and FTP config to router, i.e. /var/tmp/test.cfg. Then
# load override /var/tmp/test.cfg (or full path of config file)
-TFTP is not supported. Use only FTP, HTTP, or SCP.
> request system software add
request system software add ftp: reboot
-TFTP is not supported. Use only FTP. HTTP, or SCP.
-Use ‘request system software rollback’ to rollback to previous s/w package See KB16652.
# commit OR
# commit and-quit
Installs current changes
> request system reboot  

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