How to Use PAR with Strawberry Perl

If you want to share your cool script with your non scripting buddies, you can convince them to learn perl and install modules, etc. Or you can remote into their machine and do a bunch of work getting stuff working on their machine, or you can use PAR and send them a compiled script.

Here are my notes on getting PAR to work…

Download and install these modules:


Install each module Above:

  • extract to a folder
  • move it to C:\strawberry\perl\lib\
  • cd C:\strawberry\perl\lib\somefolder
  • perl
  • dmake
  • dmake test
  • dmake install

Create the Compiled Binary:

C:\> pp --gui --icon Icon.ico -o sample.exe

You can view the full PAR documentation here: You can also view the documentation by typing the following at a command prompt:

perldoc pp

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