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0x800704b3 Error – ReadyNAS Windows 7

How to Fix the 0x800704b3 Error with the ReadyNAS Duo and Windows 7

How to Fix the 0x800704b3 Error with the ReadyNAS Duo and Windows 7

I just bought a ReadyNAS Duo, a RAID 1 (2 hard drives that mirror each other), NAS (network attached storage). At about $300 it came with a 1 TB Drive. I had another that was exactly the same model so I moved all of the files onto spare drives and then put the extra 1TB drive into the ReadyNAS. It took all night to format and prepare the drive, but I was asleep so who cares 🙂
The problem was I couldn’t browse via SMB. I could ping the device and control it by going to the, but \\ wouldn’t work. By wouldn’t work, yes – I mean that it sat home, ate cheetos all day and watched jerry springer.
The error message I was getting was 0x800704b3 – The network path was either typed incorrectly, does not exist, or the network provider is currently unavailable.
Googling didn’t turn up any answers, so I called netgear tech support, got a guy that doesn’t speak engrish any better than I write it and had the joy of explaining to him the different betweeen SMB and HTTP…. anyway, after the 5th time of telling him that my cable modem didn’t matter and that yes, I already tried connecting it directly to the NAS drive from the PC, bypassing the router….. after all of this, he suggested I turn off “homegroup”. This mostly fixed the issue, but I don’t believe windows is accepting the settings, therefore, I’m going to explain how to disable homegroup permanently.
What is homegroup? I don’t know – something that Micro$loth decided I needed. I’m sure it was good in theory “Lets change the way computers network for Vista and future OS and force networking to work in some obscure way that everyone will have to relearn”..
Why not follow the same standard, or at least the same standard you have been following? Just because you are microsoft doesn’t mean you get to make up the rules and expect everyone to be happy about it.
Read How to Disable the HomeGroup Service in Windows 7:

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