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Thank you for checking out this free offer. You are now eligible for a free 5 page website, and aweber setup.
You need to signup for the hosting now, using the link below you’ll get a $10 credit
But, you have to know how or hire someone to manage it, install updates, secure it, etc.
If you would like one of our team to do it for you immediately, we can do the setup free (the website, domain name and aweber setup), and have it done within 24 hours too. We charge a small fee each month, but give you a ton of services free.

Here is what you get for free:

VPS Setup (pick one)

  • You don’t share resources
  • $5/mo = 512 MB RAM
  • $10/mo = 1GB RAM
  • $20/mo = 2GB RAM

Ubuntu 14 LTS

  • Latest Patches/updates weekly
  • dedicated IP address
  • verified no previous blacklist
  • ntp, ssh server and other basic services
  • firewalled securely

LogWatch Daily Reporting

  • Emailed and reviewed by our team daily
  • Alerts us to login attempts and new installs

Apache Web Server

  • optimized for your memory choice
  • htaccess directory protection
  • default protections on /wp-admin, /phpmyadmin
  • optimized for only needed modules + auth_digest
  • 10 year self signed Cert for /wp-admin and /phpmyadmin editing
  • 3rd Party SSL available if needed for $10+ a year


  • Security and Optimization best practices
  • phpmyadmin setup
  • MySQL is required for wordpress

WordPress Setup

  • Default plugins: XML + sitemap, contact form, SEO, category list, WP Super Cache
  • Spam Protection, other options you request
  • Default SEO setup
  • Menus
  • Contact Page, with Captcha to protect against Spam


Limited Bonus:

FREE Aweber Email Capture + Followup

  • Setup account for you
  • Setup email collection form on your site
  • Setup thank you page/offer (like this one)
  • Show subscriber an offer after they signup
  • We can help setup several follow up offers too
  • Brainstorm with you and come up with a good offer



We do backups, updates, patches and security on a daily or weekly basis depending on the security type.
If it’s hosting related, we do it for free without you asking.


We’ll give you 1 hour of help with anything web related each month. Just ask and we’ll do it.
Here are some examples of things that might be 1 hour:

  • Add several prewritten messages to an autoresponder followup
  • Setup menus/widgets in wordpress
  • post / manage content on your site
  • get links from facebook, google+ and youtube
  • Build followers on facebook, google+
  • Comment on forums using your accounts (with links back to your products)
  • Setup FREE content that WE write on your website related to your product service
  • Add/Tweak/Adjust Google Tracking
  • Setup a shopping cart
  • Add several items to your shopping cart
  • prepare and send out a newsletter
  • clean up your bounced email list
  • install a plugin and configure it
  • troubleshoot something
  • custom coding
  • find and setup pictures for your site

We get more done in an hour than most people do in 3 or 4 hours! And the stuff we do makes you money too!
These are just examples. If it fits in an hour, we’ll do it for you.

Additional time is only $75 an hour if you want more done each month, or done at a faster schedule.
Oh! We also renew your domain names and help with any other web site related account like mx records, mail for your domain, 3rd party SSL certs, etc
So, do you want someone on your staff that knows your environment and needs (and is your same time zone, if CST/Dallas time)?

Fire Your Webmaster… Really!

$97 a month + your server choice cost and you can have pretty much EVERY hosting problem solved from now on.
What are you waiting for? You didn’t really want to do that kind of work anyway did you? You aren’t a hosting company – it’s not your business or passion. Let us do the heavy lifting on the tech side, and you just do the business part of selling stuff to customers and taking their orders!

Sign Up now

It’s only $97 and there are no contracts. We’ll earn your business each month! If you aren’t happy with our 1 hour of service, can’t afford it, or have the kid down the street offering to muck up your website for only $10 – we’ll be happy to cancel our service. You aren’t bound to us. With that said, if you are like our other customers you’ll never leave us because of how happy you are!

Summary of Offer

  • $5 to $20 for the actual server through Digital Ocean’s Data Center
  • $97 monthly for server setup, maintenance, updates, and an additional hour of ANYTHING related to website marketing
  • You can cancel at any time and you get to keep your site
  • Bonus1: we are setting up wordpress and 5 pages for you
  • Bonus2: we are settting up aweber and an email collection form for you
  • Additional service after the 1 free hour each month is currently $75

Go ahead and purchase the subscription and you’ll be taken to a page afterwards that allows you to enter a domain name or send special instructions to us. We’ll answer quickly and get started on your server!
P.S. If you need ANYTHING done that is web-related, we do one hour per month free in ADDITION to making sure your server runs smooth, gets updates, is optimized and all that tech stuff that makes a website work!

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