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Best Free Anti Virus

“Best” is subjective – you and I may disagree on which Anti Virus does the “Best” at removing spyware, malware, viruses etc. In reality you need an arsenal – something designed to do each job very well. The one I use on my personal computers for Anti Virus is Avast. The reasons for this choice are listed below:

Avast, has a free Anti Virus ( If you are paying for Norton or Symantec (two horrible products that only make it because they have government contracts) – switch to avast. Here is why:

  • Avast is Free Antivirus Software
  • Avast doesn’t use as much memory as Norton/Symantec
  • Avast has a better detection rate
  • I’ve been using it for about 4 years, and it’s always the one I like the best
  • I fix computers regularly that are infected and have Norton Antivirus on it
  • Symantec is decent, but I won’t pay for it!
  • Norton Antivirus updates have crashed 15 of 20 servers that I updated one time.
  • Symantec permissions have completely destroyed a server I worked on once
  • I never have problems from Avast for personal computers

One tip though: go to the properties and turn off the sound, else you’ll have a voice shouting through your speakers at 3am “Antivirus Database has been updated!”

There – now you have no excuse or not having an antivirus program running

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