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Perl MIME::Base64

Base64 Encoding allows you to convert a binary file into a text message. Sometimes binary is not allowed to be transmitted. Whatever your reason, here is how you create a Base64 encoded file using Perl:

Base64 Encoding with Perl

I didn’t write this, but thought it was worth saving. is an archive for my own personal use, I hope it helps others too.

Perl MIME::Base64

use strict;
use warnings;

# credit:

use MIME::Base64;
use Getopt::Std;

sub usage {
my $usage = q{

Encodes or decodes base64 files to or from binary files.
usage: [-d|-e] <input file> [-o] 

    decoding: -d temp.txt -o out.txt
    encoding: -e temp.txt -o out.txt

    return $usage;

sub main {
    my %opts;
    # Get command-line options. We want the user
    # to specify an input file (either for encoding
    # or decoding) and an output file.
    getopts('e:d:o:', \%opts);
    # User must enter either -e  or
    # -d 
    unless($opts{e} or $opts{d}) {
        print "\nNo input file specified\n";
        die usage();
    # User must specify -o  and hasn't.
    unless($opts{o}) {
        die "\nNo output file specified\n";
    # Now we've got an output file name.
    my $output = $opts{o};
    # The input file name is after -e or -d.
    my $input = $opts{e} || $opts{d};
    # Open the input file.
    unless(open INPUT, $input) {
        die "\nUnable to open input file '$input'\n";
    unless(open OUTPUT, '>'.$output) {
        die "\nUnable to create output file '$output'\n";
    # Stop text mode mangling our files.
    binmode INPUT;
    binmode OUTPUT;
    # Undef the file record separator so we can read the
    # whole thing in one go.
    undef $/;
    # Read the input file.
    my $contents = <INPUT>;
    # Create the output file, encoding or decoding as
    # specified by the user.
    if($opts{e}) {
        print OUTPUT encode_base64($contents);
        print "Encoded '$input'; results in '$output'\n";
    elsif($opts{d}) {
        print OUTPUT decode_base64($contents);
        print "Decoded '$input'; results in '$output'\n";
    close INPUT;
    close OUTPUT;


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