Perl LWP UserAgent Example: Get a http or ftp data

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Perl LWP UserAgent is an amazing tool for automating web queries. Here is the simple text to get HTTP or FTP data using the Perl LWP UserAgent:


# pretty standard to have this at least in all scripts
# at least for development.  Use taint also for CGI.
use warnings;
use strict;

use LWP::UserAgent;
use CGI qw(header -no_debug);

# if we don't do this it will buffer and then print results
# I want to see results immediately as it happens.
# not every server configuration supports this

# put a page that requires authentication here to see a 401 error
# put a normal URL here to see it pull text normally.
my $URL = '';

# create a new object and request the GET method on $URL 
my $res = LWP::UserAgent->new->request(new HTTP::Request GET => $URL);

# required for any type of CGI
print header;

# at this point you can either use the print statement,
# or assign the data and manipulate it
# you can can also just print the text:
# print $res->is_success ? $res->cotnent : $res->status_line;

# but lets assume we want to manipulate further before printing:
my $data = $res->is_success ? $res->content : $res->status_line;

# simple regex to grab a pattern match from the page:
if ($data =~ m/The quick brown(.*)jumped over the lazy dog/) {
  print "we found a ' $1 ' (should be ' fox ')";
} else {
  print "probably not a typing tutorial!\n";

# What did the full data contain?
print $data;

# not required, but a good habit.

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