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Bash Script to Backup CheckPoint Log Files

bash script to tar up checkpoint log filesQuick bash script hack to take a bunch of log files and make tar/gz out of them.

You could add a SCP line in the loop and it would auto move them to the log backup server…


# tarup files designed for tarring up a bunch of checkpoint log files
# not sure why they don't just do this, but this is the format
# we want before transferring to log backup, so...

# pulls only the unique first parts of a list of log files
# and ONLY for the current year, hoping that nobody names a random file ^%Y
# 2013-07-09_094213_1
# 2013-07-10_144108_2
# 2013-07-11_091531_3
# etc

# get real year
RYEAR=$(/bin/date +'%Y')

# make them type the year, assuming they've checked for other files
[ $# -eq 0 ] && { echo "Usage: $0 $RYEAR\n"; exit 1; }

# we have the year, get the unique file name portion from something like:

# into something like this:
# 2013-07-10_144108_2 2013-07-11_091531_3

# assuming that only something with YYYY_etc.log for our regex/test
for FILE in `ls $YEAR*.log|awk 'BEGIN { FS = "." }; { print $1 }'`; do

        # let the user know what's going on
        echo creating $FILE.gz

        # tar/gz to a temp file tarring log, ptr, accounting, etc
        echo nice -19 tar cvzf t_${FILE}.gz `ls ${FILE}.*`

        # delete the others
        echo rm $FILE.*

        # rename it back to original
        echo mv t_${FILE}.gz ${FILE}.gz


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