April 2010

Server Monitoring With vmstat

You will learn the basics of vmstat server monitoring, scripting and redirection in this article.

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List of Check Point Ports

Common List Ports that you will need to open on a typical Check Point Firewall. Note: don’t open all of these ports in the list, instead – use this list of ports as a reference for your Check Point firewall configuration.

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Monitor Ports on Windows

This tutorial will tell you how to test if you are infected with worms, trojans and other types of malware. You’ll also learn how to run dos programs in a for loop ….

Lets say we wanted to loop over and over watching for port 80 connections (perhaps we are looking for a worm and trying to find out where it connects to, or we want to investigate all connections that our computer is making without our permission/knowledge). This is a typical method of investigating for spyware infections…

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